Spend Valentine’s Week with Livespins’ €10,000 Mega Gifting Promo!

Spend Valentine’s Week with Livespins’ €10,000 Mega Gifting Promo!

If your wallet’s still recovering from your New Year escapades, and you’ve convinced yourself that love is just a myth peddled by greeting card companies, we’ve got a plot twist for you.

Livespins is rolling out the red carpet this Valentine’s week with a Mega Gifting Giveaway promotion that’s all about spreading love – and by love, we mean cold, hard cash.

From 14 to 18 February, forget the chocolates and roses; and be showered with a share of a sweet €10,000 prize pool over 6 streaming sessions!

Get into the action with Livespins streamers at BitStarz, where each day brings you closer to potentially fattening up that wallet of yours. Who said romance is dead? With stakes this high, love is being redefined, one stream at a time.

Love, luck and 6 live streaming sessions

Wanna win some loot? You already know you’ve come to the right place ;). So, without further ado, here’s how Livespins Mega Gifting Giveaway works…

The €10,000 prize pool will be broken up over 4 days, with €2,500 being shared each day of the promotion, starting from 14 February at 01:00 CET, and ending on 18 February at 00.59 CET.

Now, moving on to the prize pot. Well, this will be awarded across 6 streaming sessions. You with me?

There’ll be 5 Standard sessions to play daily, with a prize pool of €300 each, and 1 Mega daily session with a €1,000 prize pool to close out the day. The Mega session takes place between 9pm and 1am CET.

So basically, Livespins have set you up for 4 full days of thrills. Love it!

How to romance the rewards your way

Livespins is all about betting behind streamers while they play slot games in real-time! When they win, you win, etc.

To get in line for the Mega Gifting, all you need to do is play in the daily streaming sessions and hope Lady Luck’s got your back, because all the prizes are given out at random.

After every Standard Session, 6 qualifying players will be randomly selected to win €50 each. To be eligible for the draw, you’ll need to wager a minimum of €10.

At the end of the Mega Sessions, 10 players that have also wagered at least €10, will be chosen to win €100 each. Any and all wins you score will be credited into your BitStarz account.

Ready for a cash spoil this V-Day week?

The best thing about giveaways like these is that you can win a little treat while winning big in the games you play, or the streamers you bet on. It’s a plus!

Besides, you know what they say, more money, more shopping, and we’re totally in for that!

If you were looking for a little love, or really just want to rebel against the world’s corniest day, then Livespins Mega Gifting Giveaway is right up your alley, and 100% cliché-free (unlike me)!

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