Brace Yourself for Possessed Slot!

Brace Yourself for Possessed Slot!

Gambling Paradise

Let me say this: Nolimit City is going straight to hell for this game. Assuming they haven’t already punched that ticket.

I loved watching paranormal shit on TV. Ghost Hunters was my nightly ritual during my early 20s. Horror movies, too; I binged them and laughed.

Even the Exorcism of Emily Rose, that poor girl’s back. She needs a chiropractor and industrial-grade carpet cleaner – talk about “making a splash.”

That was me, the “Iron Lady” of the horror theme, unshakeable and unfazed. UntiI I watched Paranormal Activity and had to sleep in my rank roommate’s bed for three months. That was fun.

Possessed slot; I am braced and ready. Let’s see what you’ve got!
What the actual?

Nolimit City’s recent release, D-Day, was tame for them. I wondered if they’d gone soft. This was yesterday. Guess I spoke too soon.

Look, if anyone was going to A) come up with something as fucked up as Possessed slot and B) release something as fucked up as Possessed slot – it’s Nolimit City!

I’m literally afraid of what they’ll think of next, honestly. Also, does their insurance cover exorcisms? The team’s gonna need one. ASAP.

Hug your bible and keep your cat close because this game will take you places you really don’t wanna go for wins of up to $300,000.


Let’s begin the base game banishment

We’ve come to expect Nolimit City games to explode with features. And this one’s no different. You’ve got a hellfire coming for you.

First thing you should know about is The Cross on the reels, or the xCrucifiction. This is the xActivation Zone where the symbols within it will be filled to add extra impact to your spin.

You can’t miss The Cross, it’s the thing on fire, surrounded by demons and their exorcism pals. You know, the nun, the priest, the possessed girl, and a hairless sphynx. Shame, what did the cat do?

The base game also has xWays, Infectious xWays, Wilds and xNudge Wilds in play, helping you cast out the King of Hell and make room for some good wins in this 96.06% slot.


The bonus is blasphemy at its damndest

Take a spin for extremely volatile wins in the Necromancy, Atonement, and Beelzebub free spins rounds – where The Cross is saving space for you to become possessed with better winning odds.

More Scatter symbols landed, means more free spins and more active positions on The Cross. So, if you want full potent impact, Beelzebub Spins is what you should be hoping for. Apart from forgiveness for willingly choosing to play this game, of course.

Nolimit are no amateurs; they’ve given us a xBet mechanic and straight-up Buy Bonus options to choose from, so we don’t have to prolong our trauma here. Thanks guys!


Prayer won’t help you here

You need skill, luck, grit, and an empty stomach to make your mark in this one! Green projectile vomiting isn’t on the agenda today, you can save that for Ayahuasca.

Trust Nolimit City to use their genius gaming enhancements, like the xCrucifix, in a game that I’m pretty sure 90% of people won’t dare to enter. Unless I’m living amongst a bunch of sadists that I didn’t know about? Shit, I was one of them, wasn’t I?

Possessed slot, it’s here. Play it, don’t play it, either way, I’m sure you’re popping sleeping tablets at night anyway. Hey, I do it. I don’t judge. Keeps the ghosts away 😉

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